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The product produced is galvanized steel strip in coil, as specified in JIS G3302 and SNI 07-2053 standards. Fumira has developed a galvanized steel sheet product which fulfills the commercial, drawing, and structural specification standards. Fumira's brand product called FUMIRAGRIP which describes the excellent zinc coating quality (lock forming quality) of bendability to zero gap thickness without peeling off. The product is recoiled in the Tension Reel to be a coil form and cut as customers' weight requirement.


Fumiragrip Advantages:

  • Produced by the latest technology of Non-Oxydizing Furnace (NOF) system.
  • Lock forming quality of zinc coating with bendability to zero gap thickness without peeled off.
  • Free of latent corrotion attack due to direct firing method usage of steel surface cleaning in the Non-Oxidizing Furnace (NOF) system prior to galvanizing process.
  • Metallic surface appearance.
  • Minimized spangles without deep spangles border.
  • Long time storage ability, without color change due to oxidation.
  • Non hazardous zinc coating quality standard (less than 0.03% Pb) which is comply to the European Union of RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) directive 2011/65/EU.


Skin Passed and Tension Levelled Process Advantages

  • Surface Roughness Adjustable

    Uniform surface appearance. Better paintability.

  • Improvement in Mechanical Properties

    Better formability due to yield point removal.


Product Spesification

Old Symbol New Symbol Quality
A 526 A 653 Commercial Steel (CS) Type A and B Commercial Lock Forming
A 527 A 653 Forming Steel (FS) Type A and B Lock Forming
A 642 *) A 653 Deep Drawing Quality (DDS) Type B Inside Forming
A 446 A 653 Structural Steel (SS) Grade 550 Structure

JIS 3302
Old Symbol New Symbol
SGCC Soft Commercial
SGCH Hard Commercial
SGCD 1, 2, 3*) Inside Forming 1, 2, 3 *)
SGC 340 Structure
SGC 400 Structure
SGC 550 Structure

Notes: *) should be discussed at the time of product purchase

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