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About Us

PT FUMIRA - International Standard Quality Galvanized Roof


Fumira is one of the largest falvanized steel sheet producers in Indonesia. Fumira was established in 1970 and its name was came from the two first letters of the three share holders: FUji Steel (later merged with Yawata Steel to become Nippon Steel Corp.), MItsui Co. Ltd., and RAgam Logam (a subsidiary of Argo Manunggal Group).

As an innovative company, Fumira has succeeded in developing color coated galvanized steel sheet in Fumira's original design of Color Coating Line in 1979. Based on the experience in operating color line, Fumira installed a modern Continuous Color Line in 2014 to increase the production capacity as well as to expand product types and quality.

During Fumira's years of operations, it has acquired facilities to provide the best products and services to the customers. Examples of such facilities are: Shearling lines, Corrugating machine, Slitting line, and Roll Forming machine in many types of product wave profile. Now, Fumira has become stronger and always innovating to deal with transfromation to meet customer's need and commited to work closely with them as well as with distributors and suppliers.