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PT FUMIRA - International Standard Quality Galvanized Roof

Colorcoat - Product that makes us an expert

Colorcoat has been a Fumira's trademark for color coated galvanized steel sheets since 1979. Colorcoat is a polyester based paint and it was developed from a good collaboration between Fumira and several paint producers who support Fumira to be one of the important players of coil color coatings in Indonesia.

Colorcoat on Fumira's roof and siding products have been tested and proven suitable for outdoor usage in tropical climates that require adequate durability in color fading and deterioration.

Colorcoat advantages:

  • Economical quality product.
  • Adequate color and physical properties for tropical climate.
  • Tough and abrasion resistant to rain, wind, and dust.
  • Resistant to chemical fluids, especially solvent-based (solvent).
  • Flexible for complex profile shape.
  • Wide attractive color range.

Customized Color

Fumira can produce a variety of end product colors of roof and siding as required by customers. In addition to the color that has been developed, ColorCoat can be provided in new colors according to customer's order.

Colorcoat Paint System
Coat Type Thickness Test methods
Chemical Chromate 3 – 5 μ Coating drill
Primary Polyesther Compatible 5 – 7 μ Coating drill
Back Polyester 9 – 11 μ Coating drill
Top Polyester 15 – 17 μ Coating drill

PT FUMIRA - International Standard Quality Galvanized Roof

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