PT FUMIRA - Installation & Storage

Installation & Storage

PT FUMIRA - International Standard Quality Galvanized Roof



    1. In Covered Space

      Roof sheets should be stored in a dry and ventilated place in either covered storage or other covered space away from rain, dust, soil, and dirt. Roof sheet should not be laid directly on the floor by using proper wedges such as wooden or rubber pallets. The roof sheets must not be stored in the same place with corrosive chemical agents that will damage the roof sheets. Any wet roof sheet should be wiped and dried before storage.

    2. In Open Space

      In open space, roofing sheets should be stored in a way to avoid rain, dust, and dirt. The roof sheets pile should be on a slope to avoid puddles. Wet roof sheets must be wiped and dried prior to storage. Roofing sheet piles should not be in direct contact with soil, dirt, garbage, and puddles.

      Try to pile on a dry place and higher than the surroundings to avoid puddles when it rains. Piles should be covered with canvas or other waterproof materials. Lift the canvas cover by the long bar when storing on an unsealed floor to ensure good air circulation.

      Plan the works accordingly to avoid the storage of roofing sheets in the open air for too long. This will reduce the risk of damage due to rain, humidity, dents from hard objects, dust and soil, and so forth. Furthermore, black or white spots may appear on the roof sheet surface if the sheet is left in the open air for a long period.

    3. Cleaning

      Clean the roof sheet surface from any cut nails, rivets, wires, and other metal chips (especially metal residue from drilling activity) during installation. Clean again at the end of each day of installation to avoid rust stain on the roof sheet surface.

      Roof sheet surfaces have to be cleaned also form the worker's shoe mark, hand and footprint, which will bring a bad impression of the roof sheets.

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