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Jakarta – Center Point extension is an extension of the cafeteria located at MNC Tower, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta. This building, which is used as a place to rest and enjoy culinary delights, was built to improve service and comfort for workers who work around MNC Tower.

This rectangular-shaped building with an appearance that is exposed from the outside certainly requires roof protection that is resistant to rainwater and the hot sun. Therefore, the architects and management of Center Point decided to use a FUMIRA roof with the GG-750 type.

Fumira GG-750 is a roof profile that has a simple installation system by simply bolting. The GG-750's trapezoidal profile design with an economical effective width is also its main attraction. The length of the GG-750 profile can also be ordered according to your needs considering that this profile can be installed both with and without joints.

The superiority of the GG-750 profile has made the management of the MNC Tower center point extension admit that they are satisfied with the results during use, "the experience so far has been so far good, there have been no problems in hot or rainy weather, even in rainy conditions it is not noisy, the product is really good ” said Mr. Ara as Head of Operations PT. Asian Food Producer.