PT FUMIRA - News & Event


Pekanbaru – Tuesday, March 19 2024, the INDEX (Innovative, Design, and Exhibition) event was held at Prime Park Hotel, Pekanbaru.

This event, which was held by the Riau Factory Partners, was a place of interaction for activists in the world of architecture.

Exhibitions and talk shows are the main events of this activity. Fumira, as a galvanized steel manufacturer that has been around since 1970 and has various types of profiles to be used for building needs, of course participated in the INDEX event.

Fumira's participation in this event is of course to continue to build good relationships with construction industry players, including contractors, distributors, architects and other customers. Apart from that, this opportunity also brings Fumira to continue to be known and get a special place for its users.

Fumira is here by displaying a variety of innovative profiles that have been created ranging from profiles for roofs, ceilings, wallings, to floor decks. Fumira's presence was certainly warmly welcomed by visitors, as evidenced by the condition of Fumira's booth which was never empty of visitors. It is hoped that this activity will continue to have a positive impact on the architecture industry and Fumira itself.