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The bottom side of deck application products in the market are not made with color paint additional layer. Therefore, the bottom side of the deck can't be made as a real decorative ceiling since they will be dull and whitish due to white rust.

Fumira has made an innovation by providing deck products with a color paint layer on its bottom face, namely ColorDeck. ColorDeck is developed from the Fumira CompoDeck which is a trademark of Fumira deck product without color pint layer.

 Colordeck advantages:

  • It is the first colored floor deck in Indonesia with decorative function
  • Made of galvanized steel sheet material with the best quality self-produced
  • As a permanent formwork, economical, and easy to handle
  • Has a unique tapered profile shade that enlarges the shear resistance
  • As positive reinforcement with long effective span without support
  • Other than standard color, as required color and paint materials are provided.

Colordeck Material Specification:

Item Specification
Material Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet
Quality FumiraGrip, Lock Forming Quality, Guaranteed bending test to 0T (Zero Thickness)
Reference Standard JIS 3320 -SGC 550, ASTM 653, Structural Steel Grade 550
Coating Weight Z20 - Z 22 (200 - 220 gr/m2)
Mechanical Properties Yield Strength, 550 Mpa Minimum, Tensile Strength, 570 Mpa, Minimum
Paint Material Polyester (ColorCoat), PolyUtrethane (ColorFresh), PolyVynildene Di Floride(ColorGrip)


Colordeck Wave Profile

Colordeck has a tapered wave profile similar to bird tail shape that will press toward concrete when it is loaded and give high shear resistance as a positive reinforcement so that only need one layer of steel bar negative reinforcement. The additional embossed profile on its surface will rise the shear resistance higher and also as a decorative function option.

Color System as Needed

Colordeck paint system consists of a chemical coat, primary coat, and back coat. Paint materials used can be Polyester, PolyUrethane (PU) or PolyVynildene DiFloride (PVDF), depending on the need so that paint color can be as the ceiling color as well as the protector from corrosive chemical vapors such as in laboratory room or chemical warehouse.

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