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Fumira Metal Roofing is The Main Choice for Factories in Indonesia

What's the best roofing choice for factory and industrial buildings? The answer is simple: metal.

There are several good reasons why metal roofing is gaining popularity in recent years:

  • It's extremely durable → a good quality metal roof can last for decades with minimal maintenance.
  • It needs low maintenance → busy factories can put their attention on productions without having to worry about roof maintenance.
  • It's lightweight → makes it perfect for a wide range of roofs, including flat or pitched factory roofing.
  • It's fire resistant → it won't collapse in the event of fire thus makes it safer for the users. In addition, Fumira Color Coat and Color Fresh metal roofing rated for the highest level of fire resistance in Australia.
  • It creates more space → thanks to the lighweight factor, metal roofing doesn’t need as much support as other roofing materials, leaving you with more interior space.

Fumira has a good reputation to meet all kinds of design, constructions, and structural requirements for factory buildings, metal structures, manufacturing buildings, and process plant buildings.