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Click-33, the Fumira product that stole the show

         On September 29th, 2021, Fumira had a valuable opportunity to share with CatalogPro at the Product of The Week program which was held via Zoom application.

         The event was hosted by Bayu Rahmantho (left), also presented Ferry Boen (center) as General Manager of Sales & Business Development from PT. Fumira. Raga Bagas (right), a designer from Aboday Design was also presented as a product reviewer.

         Together with Ferry Boen, PT. Fumira introduces one of its superior products, Click-33, PT. Fumira's newest roofing product with a minimalist design that is beautiful either as a roof or as a wall profile. Click-33 is also known as a product that is durable and does not require complicated maintenance.

            The enthusiasm of the participants emerged throughout the presentation session and Q&A session where the participants expressed their curiosity through questions related to the superior products of PT. Fumira submitted either through the comments column on the Zoom application or asked directly by the host of this event.