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PT FUMIRA - International Standard Quality Galvanized Roof

Roof is the shelter of a building which protects the interior from rain or snow. There are flat roof and angled roof. For the flat roof, we have to think about the way to drain the water.

There are various materials for the roof, such as: roof tile (ceramics or concrete), corrugated metal, asbestos, or concrete. Metal roof is very light, long-lasting, rust-proof, and earthquake-proof.

Bolt System

To fulfill various customers needs of high-quality finished products, other than the regular standard product such as plain sheet, corrugation shape and coil, Fumira has developed innovative products of many kinds of forming profiles as required for deck, siding and joinless long span roof.

Fumira has more than 20 types of roof forming profiles including innovation product that has been Fumira's trade mark as joinless or continuous roof with boltless installation system, so that there will be no hole caused by bolt and screw application on the roof which will cause leakage.

This boltless system will also makes the installation result visually clean and show the whole profile in one piece. There are three types of boltless forming profiles that have been developed by Fumira, i.e. hooktightening, seaming, and pushlock installation system.

Fumiraspan Advantages:

  • Economical width.
  • Trapezoidal wave profile with adequate ribs enforcement.
  • Wave profile combination that provides decorative value.
  • Easy and cheap in installation by using screw without special tightframes.
  • Metal-coated steel material that can be customized color coating.

For lenght more than 12,00 m or job-site corrugating, please contact Fumira. 

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